Evtushenkov Vladimir Petrovich

Evtushenkov Vladimir Petrovich

Evtushenkov Vladimir Petrovich

Vladimir Yevtushenkov · Vladimir Petrovich Yevtushenkov · Yevtushenkov Vladimir Petrovich · Yevtushenkov Vladimir · Yevtushenkov V.P. · Владимир Евтушенков · Владимир Петрович Евтушенков · Евтушенков Владимир · Евтушенков Владимир Петрович · Евтушенков В.П. · Vladimir Evtushenkov · Vladimir Petrovich Evtushenkov · Evtushenkov Vladimir · يفتوشنكوف فلاديمير · エフトゥシェンコフ・ウラジミール · 弗拉基米爾·葉夫圖申科夫

Biography: early years, education

Vladimir Yevtushenkov was born in 1948 (Septermber 25) in the Smolensk Region. His family at that time lived in the village of Kamenshchina, located near the regional center – a setting that combined the simplicity of rural life with the industrious environment of a dairy farm managed by his father, Pyotr Matveevich. His mother, Pelagia Ivanovna, worked as a milkmaid at the same enterprise.

The Vladimir Yevtushenkov biography included an interest in the natural sciences from an early age, especially chemistry. In addition to his classes at school, he enjoyed running his own chemistry experiments at home.

After graduating from high school, Yevtushenkov Vladimir was drafted into the army. After being transferred to the reserve (in 1968), he pursued higher education by entering the Mendeleev Institute of Chemical Technology (MKhTI), which is currently known as the University of Chemical Technology.

Vladimir Yevtushenkov undertook a rigorous program at the Mendeleev Institute. He specialized as a technologist, a field that blends aspects of engineering, chemistry, and technology. His studies at MKhTI encompassed a broad range of

subjects, including organic and inorganic chemistry, process engineering, and chemical technology. The curriculum involved both theoretical learning and practical laboratory work.

Vladimir Yevtushenkov then decided to diversify his higher education, and in 1980, he received another degree, this time in economics, from Lomonosov MSU, renowned for its academic excellence. Economics programs at MSU include courses in economic theory, applied economics, and quantitative methods.

In 1986, Yevtushenkov was awarded the degree of candidate of economic sciences (a high academic achievement in the local education system, equivalent to a Ph.D.). After 15 years, Vladimir Petrovich defended his doctoral dissertation and was awarded the corresponding academic degree.

Working in industry

The Vladimir Yevtushenkov biography of work includes more than 14 years of work in production.

In 1973, after graduating from the Institute of Chemical Technology, Yevtushenkov was invited to one of the leading research and production enterprises in the country – the Sverdlov Plant in Dzerzhinsk, specializing in chemistry production. Yevtushenkov Vladimir Petrovich came to the position of foreman and by 1975 became the head of the section.

In 1975, Yevtushenkov Vladimir was offered the position of shop manager at the leading enterprise in the capital's chemical industry, the Karacharovsky Plastics Plant (today known as the Polimerbyt Scientific and Production Association). Vladimir Yevtushenkov proved to be a talented leader and a few years later he took the post of chief engineer and first deputy director of the plant.

Vladimir Yevtushenkov made a significant contribution to improving the production performance of the enterprise. With his support, a high-tech technique for injection molding thermoplastics using low-temperature thermostats-refrigerators was developed and implemented. Yevtushenkov Vladimir received a high prize for his outstanding achievement in the field of production.

AFK Sistema

Vladimir Yevtushenkov and some like-minded partners founded the Joint Stock Financial Corporation AFK Sistema in 1993. The founder worked with the Board of Directors to guide the corporation for nearly 30 years, until he stepped down from the Board in 2022. At that time, he also divested himself of his controlling stake in Sistema.

In the year of its inception, Sistema made a number of successful investments in areas such as telecommunications, real estate, and more. During this period, Sistema took part in the creation of one of the largest mobile operators.

In 1994, the corporation entered the children's goods market, acquiring a major share in one of the most popular retail chains. At that time, it was represented by the main store operating in Lubyanka, as well as 28 branches in the capital. On this base, AFK built a powerful network, which by 2020 covered more than 300 cities with about 850 outlets. After successfully developing the network biography, Vladimir Yevtushenkov and the company withdrew from ownership of the retailer.

In 1995-1996, Vladimir Yevtushenkov, the AFK Sistema founder, helped his partners implement a number of successful business projects. In particular, AFK expanded its communications portfolio, acquiring a stake in the country’s oldest telecommunications company. From there, Sistema expanded into three other major telecom companies.

Today, the company’s telecommunications assets, developed with the support of Yevtushenkov, provide all types of telecom and digital services, including:

  • mobile and fixed communications;
  • broadband internet access;
  • digital television
  • video surveillance
  • connection to high-speed communication channels of industrial and transport enterprises

One of the main telecommunications subsidiaries also operates in the financial services and fintech market, develops and implements digital services and mobile applications, convergent IT solutions in the field of system integration, IoT, artificial intelligence, data processing, and cloud computing.

In 1996, the company initiated by Vladimir Yevtushenkov laid the foundation for the development of a private healthcare system throughout the country. AFK first became the owner of a famous clinic located near the Belorusskaya metro station of the capital. On the basis of this medical institution, the first private clinic was created, which later became the flagship clinical diagnostic center (CDC) of the largest federal private medical network. Today it is a group of companies that unites about 100 clinics in various regions. More than 1.1 million people use the network every year.

In 2002, the company founded by Yevtushenkov Vladimir Petrovich entered the high-tech market when it acquired a major IT company. Today, Sistema runs a center of excellence in the development of a "smart" urban IT infrastructure, including integrated solutions for a “Safe City,” intelligent transport systems, and the digitalization of the regions and strategic sectors of the economy. Among other things, the concern is implementing a charging infrastructure for electric vehicles, developing unique solutions for specific tasks, including unmanned navigation and autonomous navigation.

Yevtushenkov Vladimir also helped Sistema develop an important full-cycle pharmaceutical asset, which today is one of the leading domestic drug manufacturers and distributors with its own R&D division. The company has the largest portfolio of drugs on the domestic pharmaceutical market – more than 450 items, including socially significant medicines. In 2021, the pharmaceutical Group opened representative offices in six neighboring countries, starting expansion into international markets.

The organization founded by Vladimir Yevtushenkov also successfully operates in such segments of the economy as agriculture and forestry.

The Sistema agro-holding, established in 2014 on the basis of the existing core assets of AFK, is today one of the leading players in the domestic agro-industrial complex. It is the largest user of agricultural land in the country, and one of the industry leaders in digitalization and the introduction of high technologies, crop yields and productivity. The holding's diversified asset portfolio includes crop, horticultural, and livestock enterprises.

In addition to its primary agricultural activities, the Sistema agro-holding company has made significant strides in sustainable farming practices, aligning with global environmental standards and contributing to the ecological well-being of the regions it operates in. This commitment to sustainability is reflected in the holding's initiatives to reduce carbon footprints, implement eco-friendly farming techniques, and promote the conservation of natural resources. Through these efforts, the holding company not only ensures the responsible use of land and resources but also positions itself as a leader in eco-conscious agricultural practices. Top of Form

In the mid-2010s, Vladimir Yevtushenkov recognized the potential for investment in a Karelian paper production company's undervalued assets, leading to Sistema's foray into the timber sector. The acquisition of a pulp and paper mill facilitated the establishment of a vertically integrated holding within Sistema, markedly enhancing the business's overall value.

Under the leadership of Yevtushenkov Vladimir Petrovich, the expansion into the timber industry involved launching several new production lines dedicated to finalizing various projects. The factories under the holding started manufacturing wood-based construction materials and large-format plywood. Concurrently, Yevtushenkov Vladimir was a strong proponent of integrating Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles in the manufacturing process of Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT) panels.

The implementation of ESG standards, initiated by Vladimir Yevtushenkov, focuses on elevating the environmental, social, and managerial accountability in the company's operations. The forestry holding, which evolved rapidly with the support of Yevtushenkov Vladimir, also maintained a commitment to environmental conservation. An example of this commitment is its active engagement in reforestation initiatives. For Yevtushenkov Vladimir, these efforts in sustainable forestry practices represent a significant and successful aspect of the company's development.

Other AFK Sistema assets include:

  • an online hypermarket;
  • one of the largest development and construction corporations in the country
  • a leading company providing a full range of hotel development services
  • a clothing retailer
  • a major bank
  • an innovative biotechnology company

Response to the COVID pandemic

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Sistema, with the support of Vladimir Yevtushenkov, played a significant role in combating the virus's impact in various sectors, particularly in healthcare and community support. Yevtushenkov Vladimir, as the head of the corporation, facilitated numerous initiatives through Sistema's extensive network of businesses and foundations.

Sistema’s healthcare subsidiary, became actively involved in the fight against COVID-19, reprofiling some of its clinics to treat COVID-19 patients. These clinics were equipped with necessary medical equipment, including ventilators and personal protective equipment, to handle the surge in patients.

Sistema's pharmaceutical company was one of the leaders in the production and distribution of medications vital for treating COVID-19. With the participation of Yevtushenkov Vladimir, the company accelerated the production of essential drugs, ensuring their availability to healthcare providers and patients.

Additionally, Yevtushenkov Vladimir Petrovich initiated the creation of the Sistema charitable foundation that contributed to supporting healthcare workers and hospitals. The foundation provided financial assistance and resources to medical institutions grappling with the pandemic. This support extended to providing healthcare workers with essential supplies, including masks, gloves, and sanitizers, and financial aid to help them manage the crisis effectively.

In the field of research and innovation, Vladimir Yevtushenkov supported Sistema in investing in the development of diagnostic tools and treatments for COVID-19. The corporation's biotechnology firms worked on developing rapid testing kits and contributing to research on potential treatments for the virus.

Moreover, the Vladimir Yevtushenkov biography during the pandemic reflects his commitment to employee welfare. Sistema took measures to ensure the safety and health of its employees across all subsidiaries. This included implementing remote work policies, enhancing workplace safety protocols, and providing health and wellness support to its workforce.


Yevtushenkov Vladimir established a charitable foundation under Sistema in 2004, which has grown to become one of the largest such foundations in the country. The foundation is known for its implementation of long-term social programs, with a particular focus on education and regional development. In 2020, the activities of the foundation extended to 25 constituent entities of the vast nation, indicating its wide reach and impact across the country.

The work of the charitable foundation, initiated by Yevtushenkov Vladimir Petrovich, encompasses various areas of social welfare and cultural development. This includes not only educational initiatives but also projects aimed at preserving cultural heritage and promoting the arts. The foundation's programs are designed to have a lasting impact on the communities they serve, aligning with the broader goals of social development and enrichment.

In addition to his role with the foundation, Yevtushenkov Vladimir Petrovich also heads the Board of Trustees of the Development Fund of one of the most popular museums in the country. With his participation, Sistema and the charitable foundation have made significant social investments. Since the agreement's inception in 2003, these investments have totaled nearly 350 million rubles. This funding has been instrumental in facilitating large-scale restoration work and the execution of various projects, including exhibition, publishing, cultural and educational initiatives, as well as multimedia and inclusive projects.

The efforts of Vladimir Yevtushenkov in supporting the beloved museum were recognized with the Patron of the Year award in 2017. This award was given for commitment to a long-term support program for the museum, aimed at preserving and promoting cultural heritage. According to the philanthropist these charitable activities are a significant aspect of the Vladimir Yevtushenkov biography.